The 1935 Pittsburgh Pirates

by Harry Keck

Image of Art Rooney and Coach BachStarting off with a fine 17-7 victory over the Quakers, in Philadelphia, it looks as if the Pirates have the makings of a real football team in the National Professional League this fall.

Let's hope so. Art Rooney has shown the proper spirit in trying to give us a winner. He's battled through two season's with things not breaking so well financially, and if he finally gets himself straightened out and produces a winner he'll have the whole-hearted support of the local fans.

Maybe we're too critical of our football teams here. We're accustomed to having big winning college teams. But if the Pirates can hold their own with the best in the league they'll win and hold their share of patronage.

Joe Bach, the new head coach, has brought college ideas to the playing end of our professionals' business.

The successful coach of the Duquesne University team of last season, he comes to his new job with a freshness and campus spirit that means he'll have the players fighting. They demonstrated this when they came from behind at the very start in that Philadelphia game.

At the same time Bach is not entirely new to professional football. He has not missed a game here since the pros came to town, three seasons ago, and if he can blend his knowledge of pro­fessional strategy with his general basic knowledge of the sport he should have a consistent winner.

The game with the New York Giants tonight provides the first real test. Here's good luck to you, boys. They're not so tough - just eleven players at a time and a coach, the same as you. Let's go!

Editor's note: the Steelers lost this game 7-42 and finished the season 4-8

Article and photos taken from the 1935 offical program.