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The big, bad Chicago Bears may not be as ferocious this year as they have been in the past, but if a popularity contest were to be held by pro football followers throughout the country, they would still vote the Bears the most appealing team.

The Bears epitomize pro football to every one. They have helped the paid-to-play game reach the popular height it now attains, thanks to the astuteness, showmanship and business ability of George Halas, now serving his country as a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy.

Halas' sound football system helped build the Bears to a formidable power which has won six championships and seven league titles.

His business ability helped develop the high basis which has made the game a profitable one for himself and those who followed in his footsteps and his showmanship, while surpassed only by the elegant George Preston Marshall, still leaves nothing to be desired.

When Halas left for the Navy, he turned over the coaching duties to two stalwart lieutenants, Luke Johnson and Hunk Anderson. They did a good enough job to lead the Bears to a championship last year and despite the ravages of war, have managed to land in second place of the Western Division this season.

The Bears still can flash the old time power as witness their thundering 28 to 7 upset over the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles only last Sunday when the Eagles were made the favorites. The Bears on their best day, weak or not, can whip any football team in the country.

Records go to prove this. Beyond that they are colorful and crowd appealing. The fans here today form a tribute to Sid Luckman and Company.

All information and photos taken from the official program from December 3rd.