Sammy BaughToday’s game with the Pittsburgh Steelers inaugurates the home season of the Brooklyn Dodgers Football Club. Again the hopes of the Brooklyn owners rise high. This is no novelty because a club would have no integrity or merited purpose in beginning a season without the confidence that inspires preparatory effort and high purpose in continuing to cater to the football loving public.

The 1942 team of the Football Dodgers is expected to show results of a long building-up process which began three years ago.

The management is fortunate in having so many of its seasoned players return in this war year, which has taken heavy toll of the clubs by inducting so many of the league's athletes into the armed services. The long period of training and the first two games played abroad have revealed a splendid spirit in the ranks of the Brooklyn players.

The Brooklyn public has recognized this and appears to be ready to endorse and patronize the team representing them in the manner it deserves.

The home season schedule is one of the best that Brooklyn has had in many years. For six straight Sundays the Dodgers will play home games and with opponents of higher calibre than ever before.

Next Sunday will come the colourful Washington Redskins, whose presence has always drawn the public and presented fairly and sensationally competed contests. Then will come the New York Giants, the natural rivals of the Dodgers, who for the first time suffered consecutive defeats by the Brooklyn club last year.

These defeats earned for the Dodgers the title of 1941 Metropolitan Champions. It is quite certain that the season will present no more fiercely fought contest than will be on tap when the Giants invade Brooklyn.

On November 1st comes Cleveland, rejuvenated with some brilliant newcomers, a team which before the start of the season betokened a major competitor who should rival the supremacy of the Bears and the Packers in the current season. Though their early season games did not bear out this promise, it is most certain that they will be a competitor who will be greatly feared.

On November 8th comes what may well be the crowning event of the home season, when the Chicago Bears invade Ebbets Field acclaimed by the whole football world as the greatest team ever gathered together.

The final game of the home season on November 15th with Philadelphia will present a fierce competitor which is a keener rival than any other team on the home list. This is because there is something more than competitive spirit infused into the contests between the Dodgers and the Eagles. This may not be defined, yet it exists and is certain to infuse special interest in the game between these two bitter rivals.

Naturally, next week's game presents dominating interest to Brooklyn football fans. The presence of the master of the passing game without any modern rival, Sammy Baugh, whose brilliance has not been dimmed in the games already played, is a leading cause.

Because of his presence in the Washington team, its passing game is stressed even more than the ball-carrying plays. The present records show that though Baugh has not thrown the greater number of passes, among the leaders his effectiveness appoints him as the top passer. More than 50% of his passes have been completed in the three games played by the Redskins.

The Redskins do not depend entirely on Baugh, however. Coach Flaherty has a finely balanced team with plenty of line power and backfield strength.

Statistics can be thrown out of the window when measuring the chances of the New York Giants and the Dodgers. Though paper estimates of strength of the two teams may give indication of the superior team, these mean nothing when the teams get on the field. More frequently the fans of the losing team, whichever of the two it may be, rail loudly at the phenomenal luck of the winner. It is internecine strife at its perihelion.

Naturally the quality of the coming attractions in the Brooklyn season has created a great demand for tickets. The wise patrons will purchase well in advance and insure themselves of better choice of tickets and perhaps admission to the game. One certainty exists, that the Brooklyn club cannot fulfil its promises of accomplishment unless it has the endorsement and cheers of the Brooklyn fans.

Therefore we bespeak your good offices in this regard and promise in return that we will give of our best to merit the fans' regard.

Article and image from October 11th official programme 1942.

Editor's note: The Steelers won 7-0 and had a 7-4 season while the Dodgers went 3-8.

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