ohoto from 1960 media guideA change of uniforms is working out just fine for Willie McClung of the Browns and Darrel (Pete) Brewster of the Pittsburgh Steelers, opponents in today's game at the Stadium.

The two gridders, both happy-go-lucky, easy going fellows off the field and fierce competitors under fire, faced each other on this same turf two years ago. Then, however, McClung was in his third pro year as a Pittsburgh lineman and Brewster was on the way to his third consecutive season as the Browns' leading pass receiver.

Last year, McClung and Brewster were Cleveland teammates in the game with the Steelers here. So go the twisting paths of pro football careers. The Browns obtained smiling Willie in a deal for halfback Billy Reynolds a year ago September near the close of the exhibition schedule. McClung quickly became avaluable addition and filled in at offensive right tackle when Mike McCormack was forced out for a number of weeks with a knee injury.

Later in the year, McClung moved into Bob Gain's defensive left tackle post when a broken leg suffered by Bill Quinlan forced Gain to be shifted to left end. Willie seemed to beat his best on defense and when plans were charted for this season Gain and McClung were made fixtures on the left side of the remodelled line.

And with the acquisition of Sid Youngelman, a free agent tackle, and the return to good health of end Paul Wiggin the Browns have come up with one of the most sturdy defensive walls in the entire National Football League.

Brewster, who went to Purdue on a basketball scholarship, was originally the number one draft choice of the Chicago Cardinals. He became Cleveland property through a deal before the start of training in 1952 and saw limited service at both defensive and offensive end that first year. Pete became a regular pass catcher in '53, however, and went on to hang up seven-year totals of 186 catches for 3,327 yards and 19 touchdowns for the Browns.

The tall end never had exceptional speed, but he more than made up for that with good moves and sure hands. It was against these same Steelers in last year's second game at Pittsburgh that Brewster suffered a double fracture of the right cheekbone which required an operation the following day. He had caught an eight-yard scoring pass in that game and two weeks later was back in action for the return match with Pittsburgh here.

Pete announced his retirement last spring, air though he still had only his 29th birthday in front of him. He went into the sporting goods business in his adopted home town of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. and was making plans to build a third store when Steelers Coach Buddy Parker sent an SOS.

Parker, desperate for receivers after a rash of injuries in early exhibition games, had been given the green light on negotiating from Paul Brown, who still retained playing rights to Brewster. Pete was given an offer "I couldn't turn down" and whipped himself into shape in time for the season opener against Cleveland in Pittsburgh eight weeks ago.

All he did that night was grab a 42-yard pass to set up a field goal and later take a 21-yarder in the end zone as Pittsburgh wiped out a 7-0 half time deficit and won, 17-7. So today it's McClung vs. Brewster and Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh once again. And the Browns are hoping it's their turn at the wheel of fortune.

Article taken from the November 22nd 1959 official programme. Photo from 1960 media guide.

Editor's note: The Steelers edged this game 21-20 and finished the season with a 6-5-1 record.

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