The History of Football

Early Football in Pittsburgh>>>

Pro Football's Early Days>>>

The first NFL champions - the 1902 Pittsburg Stars>>>

The 1936 Pittsburgh Americans>>>

The Portsmouth Spartans>>>

1947 T formation>>>

The Steelers History

The birth of the Steelers 1933>>>

The Steelers (as the Pirates) first game 1933>>>

Byron White's 1938 season with the Steelers>>>

The Steelers' Early Years>>>
(as remembered by Art Rooney)

Head Coach Jock Sutherland 1946-48>>>

Jock Sutherland article 1946>>>

Head Coach John P. Michelson 1949-51>>>

"Bullet" Bill Dudley>>>

Jack Butler 1951-59>>>

Head Coach Buddy Parker 1957-64>>>

1957 a look back at the Steelers first 25 years>>>

Bobby Layne>>>

John Henry Johnson 1962>>>

Rocky Bleier>>>

Art Rooney's thoughts 1971>>>

Art Rooney's thoughts 1976>>>

Memorable Steelers' games>>>
(as remembered by Dan Rooney)

The hiring of Chuck Noll 1969>>>

Chuck Noll's first game against the Browns>>>

The early Chuck Noll years>>>

1972 Division Champions>>>

Terry Bradshaw - the early years>>>

1972 - Joe Gilliam>>>

The 1974 Steelers draft - perhaps the best ever>>>

1974 - the Dynasty begins with this season>>>

1975 - the Steelers win their second Lombardi>>>

1976 - the Steelers have a great defense but fall short>>>

The 1976 Steelers defense - perhaps the best NFL defense of all-time>>>

1977 - Lynn Swann

The Steelers 1987 strike season>>>

Dermontti Dawson 1988 - 2000>>>

Super Bowl XLIII photos>>>

Dick LeBeau

Reflections of Dan Rooney


1941 @ Washington
AP wire photo of Steelers at Redskins, November 2nd 1941.