Steeler Nation London Walkabout Gallery 1

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September 25th 2013 saw Steeler Nation bring together fans from three different continents, Europe, U.S.A. and Australia.

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Larger image Naturally, the first photo opportunity had to be the proverbial shot in front of Ben.
Larger image We are gathered here today because it's Downing Street, the home of the British Prime Minister.
Larger image Steeler Nation approach a surprised police officer.

"Can I help you madam?"
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Romy says, "Let me show you my Towel."

Can you imagine what he must have been thinking? Possibly not.

"Seems like a nice Towel madam."

Larger image There you go. Job done. The Towel displayed proudly.
Larger image Onto Horse Guards Parade, home of the Household Cavalry Museum.
Larger image Then Trafalgar Square, home of Lord Nelson.
Larger image Who's that geaser on the left? I thought I was the official photographer!