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Where else do you expect to find Steelers center Mike Webster after practice than in the room adjacent to the locker room – bench pressing barbells. After all, weight lifting is to Webster what spinach is to Popeye or what the terrible Towel is to the Steelers.

Webster took a few minutes off to talk to the Latrobe Bulletin to answer questions about the technique of opening up the middle on running plays and protecting the quarterback on passing plays.

While shaking hands with Mike, you can actually feel the strength in his massive hands. “That’s what pass blocking is all about – hands and arms,” he says. “Offensive linemen in the past didn’t use them much, but since the rule change they have become superior weapons. The hands are used for leverage and the arms protect. It’s a real skill.”

Webster feels centers now get more recognition than in the past because of the 3-4 defense. “We get publicity from our head-to-head confrontations with nose tackles.”

And that is Webster’s forte. His exceptional strength makes him particularly effective against opposing nose tackles playing directly opposite him. Steelers backs ran at will in Cincinnati as Webster manhandled Wilson Whitley.

In the Steelers most memorable game in Houston, Webster matched up against All-Pro Curly Culp. When the smoke cleared and the game had ended, Culp did not make a single unassisted tackle.

“I think the career of a center will be shortened,” suggested Webster. “It’s a lot more physical going head-to-head with a nose tackle. Following a Sunday game, “It’s Thursday or Friday before I’m physically ready to play.”

Bud Korber contributed the above article for the Latrobe Bulletin


“Seems like nobody can beat the mighty Steelers,” observed Denver’s quarterback Craig Morton. “They’ve talked themselves into having already won the game. On the plane on their way back from the last game (which the Steelers won 21-17), they were praying they’d get us. Well, they got their wish. We won’t out-talk them. Nobody can do that. Maybe we can out-play them.”

It was after the last game that apparently a few Steelers poked fun at the Broncos. After a few comments made the newspapers, Denver’s coach Red Mille handed them out to his players.

“We each got our own personal copies,” acknowledged defensive end Lyle Alzado. “Guys like Joe Greene and Jack Lambert. They were saying things like the Broncos are never going to experience the viciousness and playoff intensity as they are in this game. I say bleep-bleep. I don’t like that.

L.C. GreenwoodThey’re saying we don’t belong here. We’re 10-6 and they’re 14-2. We belong here as much as they do.”
Joe Greene attempted to pour oil on troubles waters and suggested, “Their personnel is not as good as our personnel, but they’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of it. No matter who it is (we’re playing), they’d be in trouble. Denver’s in trouble.”

Despite the animosity, Morton considers Greene to be a gentleman. “He always picks me up very nicely after he hits me.”


“We expect a little more intense football game,” acknowledged Coach Noll. “No question about it. We go into this thing with the idea that we can’t lose it. It’s as simple as that.”

The coach remembered well the 35-21 defeat handed to his team by the Broncos in the first round of the playoffs the previous year. “If I were to list everything that I’m worried about… we’re concerned with just about every phase of the game.”

With the cold weather affecting the Steelers practices leading up to the game, Coach Noll joked, “We learned how to wear long johns, how to wear mufflers. We had all kinds of caps that we were wearing. It was a good time.”

L.C. Greenwood above image from the Morning Call (Allentown).



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