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The Steelers to meet the Oilers in the AFC Championship game

The Steelers would play host to the Houston Oilers for the Championship game. The Oilers overwhelmed the New England Patriots 31-14. Houston was one of only two teams to beat the Steelers during the regular season in Three Rivers Stadium with a 24-17 victory.

“We’re the better team,” offered Oilers defensive end Elvin Bethea. “We’re going to win. There’s no doubt about it. I’ll go out on a limb and guarantee it with a capital G.”

Oilers cornerback Willie Alexander, who broke his jaw in the previous Steelers game, “We want to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know it’ll be a dogfight, but we pride ourselves on intimidating people. I feel we are better than they are.”

“I hope we have enough survivors to play in the Super Bowl if we win,” said Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini. He broke three ribs in the second game against the Steelers and now wore a flak jacket. “I may have to wear a flak jacket all over my body,” he joked.

“Nothing personal, but we’re going to whomp the heck out of them,” predicted Oilers defensive end Jim Young.

Steelers Mike Webster observed, “Our attitude is we’re not going to be denied.”

Coach Noll respects Houston

Chuck Noll media photo“We don’t want to fool anybody. We just want to play well and play hard,” Coach Noll said at his press conference. With a reference to the Steelers regular season win in Houston, the coach continued, “We’re going to have to do it again. Football players win games. Blocking and tackling win games. Special designs don’t mean anything.”

On Houston’s rookie running back Earl Campbell who is averaging 160 yards a game, Noll accepted, “We’re going to have to play very well to stop him. He’s tough to bring down one-on-one. You have to get a number of people there.”

Stopping Campbell will only be part of the test for the Steelers. “The Oilers have thrown the ball well, too,” coach Noll acknowledged. “They’re using (tight end) Mike Barber a lot more. They’re getting the ball to him an increasing number of times.”

Noll said the Steelers would have to stick with a very basic defensive philosophy if they are going to win. “The basic plan is to try to stop the run and force the other team to throw the football. That’s the basic game. The offense comes in and wants to mix up the run and the pass. Our whole concentration is to stop that.

I think our team is a veteran team, an intelligent football team and it knows what it has to do to win. I don’t have to worry about those things.”



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