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After losing two out of their last three games, Terry Bradshaw was heckled twice in public the following week. “I can’t worry about the fans,” Bradshaw said before emphasising again “I can’t worry.”
Bradshaw was more focused on the Steelers next game against Denver on Monday Night Football. He was concerned about playing under lights. “I hate it,” he told the Pittsburgh Press. “I can’t see well. I can’t pick up the field.” Bradshaw is near sighted but refuses to use glasses.”

“There’s too much of everything that surrounds Monday night football,” Bradshaw added. “It messes up the whole schedule. But I know it’s a good showcase for the league and when someone does something good on it… well… they love it. Everybody else in the league is watching, as well as football fans all over the country.”

1979 Game 8: The (5-2) Pittsburgh Steelers vs the (5-2) Denver Broncos

The Steelers set the tone for the offense on their first possession. On third and three on their 27, Franco Harris went left end and reeled off 56 yards. The Steelers finished the 6-play drive of 80 yards with Terry Bradshaw’s 11-yard pass to Lynn Swann who leapt up to haul in the catch for a touchdown.

The Broncos came straight back after Chris Pane returned the kickoff 30 yards and Craig Morton connected with a 64-yard touchdown pass to J.T. Thomas.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the Steelers took advantage of a short field gifted after a dismal Denver punt. Bradshaw’s 20-yard pass to Jim Smith set Harris up for a 2-yard touchdown plunge.

Bradshaw took control of the game as the Steelers increased their lead with a 5-play drive of 87 yards. Bradshaw connected on four consecutive passes: with Harris for 6, Swann for 65, Stallworth for 6 and Harris again for 6. Harris finished the drive with his second touchdown going 4 yards around left end.

Bradshaw set Pittsburgh up at the start of their next drive. He connected with Randy Grossman for 54 yards and followed with a 19-yard pass to Smith giving the Steelers a first down on their opponents’ one-yard line. Sidney Thornton went right tackle for the score and the Steelers led 28-7 at the half.

There was no scoring in the third quarter, but a Steelers drive started at the end on their twenty, saw them move the ball 80 yards. The drive finished with Thornton pulling in the ball over his shoulder for a 17-yard touchdown catch.

With the Steelers taking a hefty lead, Coach Noll replaced Bradshaw with Mike Kruczek for the Steelers last two possessions. On his second series, undrafted rookie Anthony Anderson made his mark with a 10-yard touchdown run.

The Pittsburgh Steelers 42 vs the Denver Broncos 7
Three Rivers Stadium October 22, 1979; 49,699

Passing: Bradshaw 18-24-2TD-1INT-267
Morton 16-31-1TD-1INT-261, Penrose 2-5-44-0TD-1INT

Rushing: Harris 17-121-2TD, Anthony Anderson 5-34-1TD, Thornton 9-27-1TD, Hawthorne 3-17, Bleier 4-18, Smith 1-12, Bradshaw 2-5, Moser 1-2

Receiving: Swann 2-76-1TD, Grossman 1-54, Hawthorne 2-23, Smith 5-55, Thornton 4-45, Stallworth 3-18, Harris 2-15, Bleier 1-8

“That’s the Steelers I know,” enthused Coach Noll. “We got after them in all departments. To a man, I think we had everybody functioning the way we have to function to win in this league.  I think we were embarrassed considerably last week. I think that had a great deal to do with it.”

“That was the most humiliating loss I’ve had in my thirty years of coaching,” admitted Denver’s coach Red Miller. “We were embarrassed in front of the whole nation.”

“Now we can set our sights on Dallas next Sunday,” said Lynn Swann.

During the television broadcast of the game, Howard Cosell made a prediction on the Steelers next game. “Dallas will win the game,” Cosell told viewers, “but I don’t think that’s relevant because the Steelers will beat them in the Super Bowl. I think Pittsburgh’s gonna win because it has the greatest people in football. But it’s impossible for human beings to be as up as the Steelers were tonight every week.”




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