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The Steelers upset season ticket holders by forcing fans to purchase tickets for the exhibition games if they wanted to renew their season tickets for the regular season. And to compound the hurt, there was no reduction on for the preseason games.

Dan Rooney argued that it was difficult to get teams to come to Pittsburgh for exhibition games because a Three Rivers Stadium sell out produces the second lowest net revenue in the league. The Steelers go to Dallas every preseason, but the Cowboys won’t travel to Pittsburgh.

“I don’t think we’re alienating the fans,” offered Mr. Rooney. “We haven’t received hardly any complaints. If we received ten calls, that’s a lot. And I haven’t gotten a single letter. I feel it’s not an issue except in the minds of the media. You could make it a cause. But the only place it has become an issue is where the media have made it a cause.”

There would be only one home exhibition game in 1978 due to the increase of regular season home games from seven to eight. “This is what we had to do to operate,” Mr. Rooney reasoned.


“There are some good players available,” admitted Dan Rooney when he was asked about the crop of free agents. “We’ve sat down and talked about them,” he added. “We have a little interest in some of them, but we’re not going out and start throwing money around just to get them.”

“Most of the agents are sitting around acting like this is an auction,” revealed Mr. Rooney. “The most any of them has done is send out a letter or make periodic phone calls. I’m waiting for somebody to walk in here and say, ‘Here’s who I have, here’s what I want.’ So far, nobody’s agent has done that.”


The 49ers traded five future draft picks to the Buffalo Bills to sign O.J. Simpson who holds the NFL record for most yards gained in a season with 2,003. Simpson learnt his trade at the University of Southern California and was pleased to be returning home. “I was a 49er fan when I was a kid and I’ve never stopped being a 49er fan,” Simpson remarked.

Although only one of the draft selections given up was in the first round (1979), many sports writers thought for a team in rebuilding mode, relinquishing five selections was a heavy price to pay for a 31-year running back coming off knee surgery.

“Chuck Knox wants to build a foundation for the future,” noted Simpson. “I’m sort of old concrete to be building a new foundation on.” The Bills fans held a positive view on the trade. “It was the best thing that happened to Buffalo,” stated one fan, “he caused much dissention. We’re off the hook for that $700,000 and they team will play better without him.”


Bobby Walden media imageThe Steelers released their 1978 preseason prospectus and under kickers, only Roy Gerela and Rich Engels were listed so Glenn Sheeley of the Pittsburgh Press asked Bobby Walden had he retired?

“I don’t know yet,” replied Walden. “I’m serious. There’s always a chance. The knee (that was operated on in January) is pretty good, but it’s not 100%. That’s all I got to say.

“I don’t give a damn what the fans say. The fans that fill the stands, they can holler and do what they want to because they put down their damn money to get in there.”






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The Steelers 1977 season in full.
The Steelers 1976 season in full.

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