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Reggie Harrison media photoThe fourth year running back Reggie Harrison became the most prominent name on the list of players waivered by the Steelers

Reporters wondered why the team cut a veteran while keeping rookie Rick Moser, who hadn’t really made a mark during preseason. Harrison was surprised the Steelers retained the rookie and was also surprised they would invest another year in Rocky. “He’s got a leg injury and he’s close to 35,” said Harrison although Bleier was actually 32 while Harrison 28.

Harrison attempted to find some positivity in the situation. “If it was some kind of a roster move, that’s super,” he said. “I just hope I can get something out of the deal. I’ll continue to play ball. Hey, there are twenty seven other clubs and nine Canadian teams. They all pay you in green dollars. I’m gonna play.”

Harrison’s contribution to the team was 631 yards in four seasons and included a 108-yard game against San Diego in 1976. “I’ve had quite a few memorable moments as a Steeler,” he said. “It doesn’t take a 2,000-yard season to be memorable to me.”

Kicker Tom Jurich was also released while Glen Edwards was traded to San Diego for a future undisclosed draft pick. Second round draft pick Willie fry was placed on injured reserve. Fry had torn tendons in his left little finger and the doctor said he might need six weeks in a splint with no guarantee he might require surgery.

Tight end Paul Seymour, brought to the Steelers in the trade with Buffalo for Frank Lewis, was returned to the Bills after failing a physical. When the trade was made, Buffalo failed to tell the Steelers that Seymour had undergone surgery on both feet at the beginning of the year.

“I’m a little upset,” acknowledged the Steelers pro scouting director Tim Rooney, “but I’m anxious to get it settled.” Rooney said the organisation was in no hurry to receive compensation because it will involve a future draft selection and the performance of Lewis with the Bills will be a factor. “First, Frank has to make the team,” said Rooney. “If that happens, then we see what kind of year he has.”

Former Steeler Ernie Holmes, who reportedly turned up in Tampa overweight, was waived by the Buccaneers.


The reason the Steelers keep visiting Dallas in the preseason while the Cowboys don’t return the favour is money. The Steelers rake in more dollars after paying travelling expenses than they would if Dallas played at Three Rivers.

The Steelers have lost three straight exhibition games including an embarrassing 0-30 defeat in 1977. “Doomsday II blitzed the Steelers,” was one newspaper’s take on the game.

The Steelers loss to the Giants the previous week had been plagued by a rash of holding penalties. After reviewing the film, Coach Noll determined the penalties were bad calls. “Steps were taken,” revealed the coach, suggesting he had made a complaint to the league office. “We’ll be on the same page in about three years,” Coach Noll said.


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